Mississippi State Troopers are corrupt

With all of the controversy over police over-reacting around the nation, it has really opened my eyes to the local agencies that surround me. It seems amazing to me that the same state troopers you see pulling people over for going a few miles over the posted speed limits, are they very ones who you also see driving 100+ miles per hour, well over the speed limit while running radar. It makes me wonder, just how accurate are radars while moving double and even sometimes triple the speed limit themselves?

I called and spoke with the Troop J (Hattiesburg, Mississippi) sergeant to file an official complaint on one of his troopers for felony speeding (in excess of 2x the posted speed limit) on highway 98 recently. He immediately took offence and tried to intimidate me out of the complaint by reminding me that the complaint would be a sworn affidavit and I would be subject to perjury if it was inaccurate. I quickly reminded him that I had taken a video on my iPhone and would instead take my complaint to the colonel and governors office.

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Upgraded to iPhone 6

I have decided to upgrade my cell phone to an iPhone 6. Having always been partial to the white version of the iPhone 5, it was natural to go with the silver/white model. The size being a bit larger seems pretty nice, but aside from that I really don’t see anything new, other than the fingerprint reader and flash for the camera.

Our new best friend, Ash

We have been missing a companion in our home for a long time. A recent decision to visit the local animal shelter left us falling completely in love with a small Siamese kitten, the only cat they had actually. We quickly went to the city hall and adopted him and I am not sure who the spoiled one is, him or me.

Our initial plan was to keep him outside, since neither of us have been partial to cats due to their scratching tendencies. That plan was quickly demolished once we got him home and saw how sweet he was. Don’t get me wrong, we do have to break the habit of scratching the furniture, but we need a new couch anyways.